End of Year Closing Procedures


On-campus residences will close on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 12:00P (noon).

May move-out is not as structured as move-in, because the student leaders who helped move your student in, are taking final exams and getting ready for graduation. As a result, moving carts may not be readily available when your son/daughter is ready to leave. We encourage you to bring your own hand truck to assist in move-out.

During commencement weekend (Thursday – Saturday), parking is hard to find and traffic is very congested in and around campus, please understand that if you plan on moving everything out on these days plan for extra time.

If you are traveling on the interstates, please be aware that all 14 PA State System Universities are graduating on the same weekend (May 12). Due to summer road construction, expect delays.

Your entire room/apartment will need to be cleaned, swept and returned to move-in condition prior to your departure.
Do not sweep trash or debris into hallways in residence halls or apartments.

Closing Procedures

Before you leave make sure:

  • Your room/apartment is cleaned and restored to move-in condition.
  • Residence Halls: Microfridges have been unplugged, emptied, cleaned, and dried out.
  • Apartments and Soltz Suites: Refrigerators have been emptied, cleaned, defrosted, and plugged back in.
  • Windows are closed and locked.
  • Window shades have been left open.
  • Lights are turned off.
  • All air conditioning/heat units are off.
  • Apartments: Water is shut off tightly.
  • Double check all drawers, closets, cupboards, etc. Any items found after move-out will be disposed of.
  • If you do not want to pay cleaning fees, return your room or apartment to move-in condition.
  • All residence hall students must check out by signing their name on the closing procedure attached to your door.
  • Apartment students are required to check out by placing their mailbox key or apartment key(s) in the yellow Express Check-Out envelope signing the envelope, and depositing it in the designated check out area.
    • MOA, MPA, JKA Apartment Students: Must drop Express Check-out envelopes at the JKA Community building
    • Kile Apartment Students: Must drop their Express Check-out envelopes at Schuylkill Hall

Apartment Students

If you have lost your keys, make a note of it on the express check out envelope and turn it in!
You will only be charged fro the lost keys instead of being charged $35.00 for improper check out plus the cost of the keys.

  • The replacement cost for lost mailbox keys is $5.00.
  • The replacement cost for lost Kile Apartment keys is $135.00.