MyHousing Instructions returning student edition

Please refer to the student status description below that applies to you.

If you currently live on-campus and would like to live on-campus again for the upcoming Fall/Spring academic year, you MUST follow all information and instructions sent out to you regarding the HOST process. If you fail to complete any part of that process or miss any deadlines, you jeopardize your opportunity to sign up for campus housing. The HOST process pertains to the upcoming Fall/Spring academic year only. Summer housing information will be available in early April.
Off-Campus and Commuter students wishing to obtain a dining plan need to go through the ApplyOnline and MyHousing processes in order to select their dining plan. Please see instructions below to being the process.

Please review our ApplyOnline / MyHousing tutorial for help with the housing process.

Please remember that when submitting the on-line agreement, you are indicating that you understand the responsibilities that students undertake while they reside on campus.

If you do not complete and submit this information you will not be housed on campus.

If you have read your respective letter and wish to begin your online application, please continue to:

MyHousing Self-Service

Housing Assignments: Students can request a roommate for the spring semester by sending an email to,but we may not be able to honor your request. During the Spring semesters, most of the time, we only have open spaces to assign students who will be attending the spring semester. If we do have some open rooms for spring, then we will try and honor as many roommate requests as we can. If we cannot get you together, we will at least try and place you in the same hall.