What to Bring for On-Campus Living

Below is a sample shopping list of items we require and/or recommend you bring when you move in. Also, as you pack, make last minute shopping trips and talk to your roommate about how to furnish and arrange your room, take care to leave the listed prohibited items at home:

There is no smoking of any kind allowed in on-campus housing
3M Command hooks 1
Blankets (not electric)
Cleaning supplies
Hair dryer
Lamp (not halogen)
Laundry bag
Laundry detergent
Mattress pad
Medical supplies (i.e. band-aids, medicine)
Painters tape (so not to damage walls)
Paper towels
Personal care items (i.e. soap, toothbrush)
Robe to walk to/from the shower
School supplies
Sewing kit
Shower caddy
Shower shoes
Single-serve coffee maker (i.e. Keurig)
Storage bins
Surge protectors
Utensils/glasses/can opener
Bath mat 2 3
Dinnerware (i.e. plates, bowls, cups) 2 3
Shower curtain 2 3
Toilet paper 2 3
Toothbrush holder 2 3
Vacuum cleaner 2 3
Dishwasher detergent (Kozloff Apartments only) 2
Small appliances (i.e. microwave, toaster) 2

1 recommended for residents in residence halls
2 recommended for residents in apartments
3 recommended for residents in Soltz Hall
Prohibited Items
3-D printers
Alcohol and drugs
Appliances with exposed heating elements (i.e. hot plates, traditional coffee makers, toasters, deep fryers) 4 6
Bed Risers
Candles and incense
Cooking appliances that use high pressure steam (i.e. pressure cookers, Instant Pot)
Decorative alcohol containers
Electric blankets
Extension cords and multi-plug power strips without an internal circuit or surge protector
Grills of any kind 4 6
Halogen lamps
Natural cut trees (i.e. Christmas trees)
Non-University owned mattresses
Non-University owned microwaves 4 6
Non-University owned personal space heaters
Non-University owned refrigerators 4 6
Pets (other than fish in a tank 15-gallons or less)
Self-balancing scooters
Weightlifting equipment (i.e. barbells, free weights, pullup bars, large equipment)
Window air conditioners
Any item that could damage property/facilities, cause personal injury, or prohibit safety equipment from properly functioning

4 prohibited for residents in residence halls
5 prohibited for residents in apartments
6 prohibited for residents in Soltz Hall