Meal Plans and FLEX

Dining Services offers a number of options to select from for students who want / need a mealplan. For current pricing please see our Housing and Meal Plan Rates page.

Meal plans come with either $250 or $300 of FLEX points. Plan code "1" comes with $250 and plan code "2" comes with $300.

Meal plans from the Fall semester are automatically reassigned for the Spring semester and any unused FLEX is carried over. Any unused FLEX at the end of the Spring semester is forfeited.

Who can request what meal plan

Students living in a lower campus residence hall are required to have one of following meal plans:

Plan Code Number of Meals
A1/A2 19 meals a week; up to 304 meals a semester*
B1/B2 14 meals a week; up to 224 meals a semester*
C1/C2 10 meals a week; up to 160 meals a semester*
E1/E2 175 meals total
G1/G2 275 meals total

Students living in an apartment on upper campus, off campus or commuting may have one of the meal plans above or one of the meal plans below, a flex only plan or use Husky Gold:

Plan Code Number of Meals
D2 5 meals a week; up to 80 meals a semester*
F2 75 meals total

* Meals reset each week; unused meals do not carry over from week to week

Sign up or change a meal plan

You may add or increase a weekly meal plan for the Fall 2020 semester by submitting the online form. You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days.

Adding Flex

Flex dollars (Flex points) purchased for the Fall and Spring semesters must be added on MyHousing.

Once in MyHousing select Dining and in the drop down box select Purchase Points. Select continue and on the next screen enter the amount of Flex points you want to purchase (i.e. $100 Flex dollars you would enter as 100). Select submit to add the Flex and then log out of MyHousing.

  • Flex dollars added after the first week of the fall and spring semesters must be paid within 10 days. If not paid a hold could be placed on the student account.
  • Flex dollars added on MyHousing will generate a charge on the student account in MyHusky within 5 days.
  • Flex dollars added on MyHousing will be available to use in the dining halls within 8 hours
  • Students can view Flex balances at the BU Card Center's Online Card Center website:
  • Flex dollar balances carry over from Fall to Spring semesters only. Any balance remaining at the end of the Spring semester is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Flex dollars are non-refundable except when a student withdraws from the University during the semester. A $10.00 fee will be charged for students who withdraw from the University and the Flex program.

Important: Students who selected a meal plan will automatically be credited with the Flex points associated with the selected meal plan. Voluntarily adding flex points should only be done by students selecting a Flex Only Plan or students with a meal plan who are low on their original credit of flex points associated with their meal plan.

Read more about Bloomsburg University Campus Dining and make sure to review "How Meal Plans Work" at Bloomsburg University.