Electronic Door Locks functionality

Our "offline" locks basically work the same a most hotel locks with a few extra features for apartment residents.

Basic "Offline" Lock Functionality

Residents can open the offline lock by simply inserting the card into the slot at the top of the lock. A green light will come on after inserting the card properly and the door will unlock for 4 seconds. After 4 seconds the door will lock again automatically.
The lock will automatically secure itself after you successfully open the lock.

Advanced "Offline" Lock Functionality

Apartments and Soltz Hall Only

"Double-dipping" the lock is a term often used to refer to the function of swiping the card twice, consecutively, into the top of the lock. Double-dipping the lock puts the lock into a mode where it will remain unlocked indefinitely. After double-dipping the lock, a briefly flashing green light indicates the door is in an unlocked mode. To re-secure the lock, you simply need to double-dip it again.
The locks can be dead bolted for additional security, similar to throwing the deadbolt on traditional locks. Most locks are opened by turning the knob toward the hinged side of the door or pushing the lever down (in the case of lever handles), but by simply pulling the lever up, the built-in deadbolt of the lock is engaged.
The locks can also be dead bolted from the exterior for additional security, similar to throwing the deadbolt from outside with a traditional hard key. Simply close the door, insert the card key, and pull the lever upward.