Electronic Door Locks frequently asked questions

The questions listed below are frequently asked about our electronic door locks. If you have a specific question you'd like to see answered, send us an email. Remember, it's likely other people have the same question. We'll answer it for you and post it here.

Yes, if you live in the upper campus apartments. No, if you live in lower campus residence halls.
Yes, your BU ID card is now your primary means of access into your residence hall/upper campus apartment and bedroom.
The lock batteries are projected to last between two and three years. However, the lock is designed to warn you in advance that your batteries are running low. If your lock has a solid green light and flashing red light then the batteries need to be replaced. Please notify your CA to have new batteries installed. All lock batteries will be put on a replacement schedule to minimize the chance of any batteries running low but some batteries have an unusually short life span.
Students should first contact their roommate to determine when he/she will be back to unlock the room. If coordinating with your roommate presents a conflict, then you should seek out your Community Assistant who can assist you. But remember, CAs are students too and may not necessarily be present. So the best solution would be to avoid being locked out in the first place by always carrying your keys and BU ID.
You will need to contact the Grad or CORE CA in your residence hall to get a temporary ID card. Your temporary ID will only work for the time frame that the BU Card Center is closed. It is then the responsibility of the cardholder to obtain an official BU ID card during normal business hours in the BU Card Center.
If the ID card is found to be worn out due to "wear and tear" the ID card will be replaced free of charge.
The exterior (online) access system uses an embedded proximity antenna technology to access the building. The BU ID card needs to be held close to the card reader located on the exterior of a building for it to be read properly by the online access system. The interior (offline) access system uses the magnetic stripe on the back of the BU ID card. The ID has to be physically inserted into the lock for the magnetic stripe to be properly read by the lock.