H.O.S.T. Housing Option Selection Time

Online H.O.S.T. Packet

Online H.O.S.T. Packet

The Online H.O.S.T. Packet is where you will find all the information you need to know for the H.O.S.T. process. Please be sure to review the important information below.

Remember, if you have any questions you can always ask the experts.


If you want to live on-campus again for Fall 2016/Spring 2017, January 31st is the last day to complete your ApplyOnline. Have questions? Come to the Residence Life Office, Monday – Friday, 8:00A – 4:30P or email Michele at mstout@bloomu.edu or Lori at lschmidt@bloomu.edu. If you do not complete ApplyOnline by the January 31, 2016 deadline, you will not be permitted to live on-campus for the 2016 - 2017 academic year.

H.O.S.T. Processes

Date(s) Process Name
02/03/16 - 02/04/16 Same Apartment / Same Residence Hall Room
02/9/16 Same Complex / Different Apartment
02/11/16 Different Apartment Complex (> 59 Credits)
02/16/16 Different Apartment Complex (< 60 Credits)
02/18/16 New to Apartments (> 59 Credits)
02/23/16 - 02/24/16 New to Apartments (< 60 Credits)
02/26/16 Same Hall / Different Room
02/29/16 - 03/04/16 Students who did not or could not select housing
03/01/16 Different Hall