Employment Opportunities


Apply to be a Graduate Hall Director at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Applications are due by March 6, 2018

Mission Statement


To establish a learning based residential community which seeks to enrich human integration based on common, personal, and academic experiences; unified by purpose, and founded upon mutual respect. This experience is defined by an environment that encourages involvement, enhances decision making and conflict resolution abilities, promotes understanding and appreciates human differences, and fosters a sense of identity, self-esteem, confidence and personal and civic responsibility. It is also a place where individual perspectives and opinions are valued, and students exert a high degree of influence over their environment.


  • To Encourage Hall Students to Feel a Greater Ownership in Their Living Areas
  • To Increase a Sense of Altruism While Encouraging Individual Expression
  • To Promote and Enhance the Idea that as Staff We are Here to Serve Students
  • To Encourage More Student Involvement
  • To Further Focus Our Operations and Activities Around the Learning Mission
  • To Renew our Commitment to Rewards and Recognition for Participation & Support of Programs
  • To Understand and Appreciate the Dynamic Nature of Student Groups and Organizations
  • To Recognize That Our Success is Contingent Upon Working as a Team

Values and Who We Are

Being a GHD helped prepare me for my current position by allowing me to see different ways of approaching concerns. Every institution is different and that’s okay; it’s about what is best for your student population, while grounding your processes in best practices and research.

It also allowed me to lay the foundation of having direct supervisory experience, which carried through my former position and into my current one.

Additionally, I think it’s important to get a variety of on-call experiences, no matter which part of higher education you are interested in, and I was able to accomplish that while a GHD. Those experiences prepared me to be a hall director and I carry those experiences with me while working with and training graduate students and full-time professional staff who are on call.

The Bloomsburg University Office of Residence Life places a high value on our commitment to our students, our campus, our history, and our future through our six key values of inclusion, service, caring, respect, dedication, and integrity.

Above all, we are focused on the student experience. Our department assists students to build positive and inclusive relationships that create a network of students, staff, and faculty. Through our philosophy of actively engaging with students in meaningful interactions, our professional staff, Graduate Hall Directors (GHDs), and Community Assistants (CAs) are able to learn about and support our students holistically to assist in their academic and social success.

In doing so, we are seeking GHDs who match our values and philosophy to be able to dedicate their work to help in the betterment of this cause. Our GHDs are dynamic individuals who use their wealth of experiences to help our department continually evolve, provide well-rounded approaches to resolve student issues, and work to create welcoming atmospheres in all of our communities. Ideal candidates are able to display a high sense of professionalism, a dedication to learning, are humble, flexible, and coachable.

We hope that you are willing to take on this rewarding challenge and come join our BU Residence Life family.

General Purpose


Graduate Hall Directors (GHDs) are responsible for the daily management of a residence hall, or apartment complex, which houses up to 700 undergraduate students as well as the supervision of up to 16 undergraduate staff members (Community Assistants). As such, GHDs are expected to put students and staff first, working through any issues or challenges that may arise. Additionally, GHDs are provided opportunities to broaden and deepen their experience through participation on departmental committees, staff training, staff selection, evaluation and through the on-call rotation. In fulfilling their duties, GHDs will work closely with, and be fully supported by, professional staff members within the Office of Residence Life which includes directly reporting to their assigned Area Coordinator. GHD's must be enrolled full time in one of our Graduate Programs.


Graduate Hall Directors (GHDs) receive a furnished campus apartment, a University meal plan (when the University is in session for the Fall and Spring semesters) and a full waiver of all tuition encumbered through their graduate program. GHDs will also receive a weekly stipend of 20 hours per week and a parking space close to their residence hall or apartment. This remuneration may be altered if budgetary requirements of the University change.

How to apply

  1. Required Application Materials:
    • Cover letter expressing your interest in the Graduate Hall Director position as well as the graduate program you intend to enroll in at Bloomsburg University.
    • Résumé
    • Contact information for three professional references.
  2. All application materials should be sent to: Jeff Ward, Area Coordinator, at
    • jward@bloomu.edu or
    • Residence Life Office, Bloomsburg University
      c/o Jeff Ward
      400 East Second Street
      Bloomsburg PA 17815
  3. GHD Position Applications are due by March 6, 2018
  4. Graduate Program Application are due by March 6, 2018 to be eligible for the GHD position
  5. Start date is August 5, 2018

Candidates must go through a successful phone, Mid-Atlantic Placement Conference, or Bloomsburg University Graduate Assistant Interview Day interview, as well as an on campus interview to be considered for the GHD position.

For more information, please contact Jeff Ward, Area Coordinator, at jward@bloomu.edu or (570) 389-4390.