Safety & Services

Residence Life provides and supports a number of safety measures and support services, extending beyond housing. These include:

Campus Safety

The University Police Department employs commissioned police officers enforcing Pennsylvania Crime and Vehicle Codes and University Policies. Security officers monitor parking. The balance of the employees performs clerical and dispatching duties.

Police officers are trained in first aid procedures and CPR with one specializing as the first responder. Commissioned armed officers enforce university policies and the Pennsylvania Crime and Vehicle Codes. University and Pennsylvania regulations pertaining to alcohol, drugs and fire safety are strictly enforced by officers. A safety escort service operates from the office and is available nightly from 10:00P to 1:00A.

To contact the University Police department call (570) 389-2211.

Each residence hall room, suite and apartment has a sprinkler(s) head and one or more hard-wired smoke detector. The hallways and common areas are equipped in a similar fashion. Twice a semester, fire drills are conducted as required by state law. A fire safety training program will be conducted by the University Police during Fall Orientation.

Candles, incense, cooking devices (i.e. hot plates, etc) are not permitted for safety reasons. It's important that all students review what is and is not allowed in the residence hall as most of these decisions are made for safety reasons. University Safety and Police are responsible for conducting fire safety training.

Staffing does vary depending on the size and layout of the building. In general, residence halls have a minimum of two community assistants (CA) per floor. Apartments are staffed in a similar fashion with at least one community assistant per building. Additionally, each building has a Graduate Hall Director (GHD). All community assistants and the graduate hall directors are full time students, BU students; CAs in undergraduate programs and GHDs in graduate programs. They are trained in a variety of areas and can assist with any issue or challenge you may have.

If your CA is not available you should seek out the CA on the opposite wing or come to the lobby area for assistance. The staff's primary role is to assist students with their college experience; this could include answering questions, mediating a roommate problem, confronting a policy violation, listening to problems and serving as a general resource. Staff are on call every evening and weekends.

In addition to the CA and GHD staff, each building is supervised as part of a larger "area." This person supervising this area is the Area Coordinator (AC). For example, Columbia and Northumberland Halls are considered an area. The AC for this and all areas is ultimately responsible for the staff and students within the area's buildings.

Bloomsburg University ID CardIdentification cards are issued to all University students, staff and faculty and are intended to be used as the primary source of identification on University property and to provide a more secure University community.

Access to the residence halls is granted with your BU ID. As you enter the building, hold your ID up to the black strip located on the brick wall (you'll see it when you arrive). You don't need to 'swipe' your card; rather, it works off a proximity chip - so as long as your ID is near the strip it will unlock the front door. Some students leave their ID in the outer pocket of their backpack and hold up the backpack to the strip. Still works! The Card Center reminds students to hold on to your ID! A lot of privileges are granted with your ID including but not limited to access to your on-campus housing, dining facilities, rec center admission, library books, laundry, vending, photocopiers, mail services and even the Student Health Center.

As the primary source of identification, students are expected to carry their ID card with them at all times and to present it to the University police or other University officials whenever requested in order to maintain the security of the University and in the abidance of University policy. It is illegal to manufacture false ID cards or to deface, alter or knowingly use altered or false ID cards. It is also a violation of University policy to misrepresent yourself in order to ascertain a false ID card. Violators will be dealt with under the University's Code of Conduct.

ID cards are valid as long as student is matriculating, in good conduct standing and associated with the University. ID cards must be surrendered to the Student Life Office, when a student withdraws or otherwise leaves the University due to academic or disciplinary action. All changes or additions to this policy will be made available to all University students and personnel.

University Services

Aramark Bloomsburg University's dining service consists of 15 facilities on campus, each one with a unique flavor and variety of dining options. All of the dining service facilities accept cash, credit, and flex. However, most students use their student ID with a meal plan and/or flex dollars. Scranton Commons is our main dining facility. An "all-you-care to eat" facility that is similar to a food court, and offers a varied menu that repeats every five weeks. One "swipe" of a meal plan holder's card gains entrance to a wide array of food offerings.

Students who reside in residence halls are required to maintain a meal plan. Your meal plan and flex dollars are accessed through the use of your student ID card. Your ID card is non-transferable and must be presented each time you use it. Your ID card must be presented at each meal period. Students may eat three meals out of the four meal zones offered Monday through Friday and two out of the three zones offered Saturday and Sunday: breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, brunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday, and late night daily up to the number of meals available based on the meal plan chosen. Meal plans also include Cash Equivalency and Meal Exchanges. Limited cash equivalency is available in the Husky Lounge, Steak n’ Shake, Subway, Food Cart, the Lunch Box, P.O.D., Monty’s, Express at Centennial Hall, and P.O.D. Express at JKA. Limited meal exchanges are available at Monty’s and the Husky Lounge only. Flex dollars may be used at all facilities. It is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct to knowingly permit another student to use, or for a student to use another's identification card to obtain a meal at any dining service location.

Our menu selections and operations have been created with dietetic balance, popularity, nutritional value and variety in mind. ARAMARK, our contracted food service provider, also offers daily and weekly specials, at various locations that can be redeemed using Flex, Premium and/or Bonus Points.

The Campus Dining website, details menus, membership options, hours of operation, locations and more. Full dining service program details, options and limitations can be found in the "How Meal Plans Work" page of our website.

Husky Gold The University Card Center administers a flexible spending account known as Husky Gold. Husky Gold is a single declining balance, multipurpose fund that is available to all students, faculty and staff of Bloomsburg University. Cardholders who elect to deposit funds into a Husky Gold account agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Husky Gold.

Husky Gold allows the campus community to buy food and beverages from dining areas, buy books and merchandise from the University store and even do laundry on campus all without having to use cash. Instead, you add funds to your Bloomsburg University ID card and use your card as a debit card.

Husky Gold even carries over from semester to semester as long as you remain an active member of the Bloomsburg University community.

How is Husky Gold different from FLEX? FLEX is a dedicated fund used only in the dining services on campus. Depositing into the FLEX allows students to set aside funds specifically for meals and snacks reducing the need to tightly manage their Husky Gold account for fear of not having enough money for food.

Bloomsburg University ID Card The University Card Center issues identification cards to all University students, staff and faculty. You ID card is intended to be used as the primary source of identification on University property and to provide a more secure University community.

The Card Center reminds students to hold on to your ID! A lot of privileges are granted with your ID including but not limited to access to your on-campus housing, dining facilities, rec center admission, library books, laundry, vending, photocopiers, mail services and even the Student Health Center.
Residential Computing, or ResComp, provides computer and technology support for students who residence in the residence halls.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (formerly known as the Multicultural Center) was established in 1993 with the support of Bloomsburg University, The State System of Pennsylvania and the Community Government Association. Just as experiential learning programs provide credit and opportunities for individuals to advance their education, units such as the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) serve two purposes: to support the social and academic development of multicultural students through specific academic support services, and to educate the entire academic community through sponsored/co-sponsored programs.

Institutions of higher learning that have supported the founding of multicultural affairs offices recognize that such units provide a distinct level of programming and educational services that addresses the specific challenges and issues faced by historically under-represented individuals and/or groups (HUIs) include, but are not limited to, United States citizens of African, Asian, Hispanic/Latino/Chicano and indigenous descent, disabled, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender individuals, women and religious groups. The OMA staff is dedicated to helping students succeed and graduate from Bloomsburg University.

The Office of the Dean of Students is a unique and dynamic department, committed to providing the very best in service to Bloomsburg University students, staff and faculty as well as community members. This Office exists to serve all members of the Bloomsburg University community - resident students, town students, continuing adult students, commuter students, faculty, staff and so forth.

If a student - or student organization - does violate the Code of Conduct, the Office of the Dean of Students, where possible, will institute sanctions and other requirements designed to facilitate learning and growth. The intended result is one where individuals and groups are able to make better, more informed, choices for the future.

Although certain aspects of the Office of the Dean of Students are reactive, we also strive to be proactive. Through educational materials, presenting programs, meeting with individual students, meeting with student organizations, we work to provide the relevant and requisite knowledge such that future choices and decisions can be more informed.

Vendor Services

PSECU Because you belong to the Bloomsburg University Campus Community you are eligible for a Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) membership. There are three PSECU ATMs on campus (Soltz Hall, Student Services Center, & Monty’s.
National Student Services, Inc. (NSSI) and their affiliate, Worth Ave. Group, have been leaders in College Student Property Insurance since 1971. For pennies a day you and your student can be protected against financial hardships caused by loss of property. Student Personal Property Plans protect your financial investment in personal property and guarantees your satisfaction. For more information review the Worth Ave. Group's information sheet or visit their websites.