Housing a quick reference

The following information is a step-by-step preparation for completing your housing agreement. It explains how to choose a meal plan, how to choose a roommate, and how to list preferences for housing options. Please read it carefully before completing your housing agreement.

What is MyHousing?

MyHousing is where you will complete your online housing and/or dining plan contract agreement. You will also answer your Personal Preference Questions, select a roommate and manage your on-campus housing and dining plans

All registered students of Bloomsburg University.

During your designated dates/times when you want to sign up for housing/dining or when you want to sign up for a dining plan only as an off-campus or commuter student.

New Students will be sent information via their BU email as to when they can complete the steps in MyHousing.

Only students who currently live on campus can sign up for Fall/Spring housing during the H.O.S.T. process.
  • As a student starting in the Fall, you will complete your online application once for Fall/Spring.
  • As a student starting in the Spring, you will complete your online application once for Spring.
  • As a student starting in the Summer, you will complete your online application once for Summer. If returning for Fall, you must also complete an application for Fall.
Please contact buhouse@bloomu.edu to request on-campus housing and discuss available options.
  • You cannot request a roommate if the roommate did not complete an online application first.
  • You must have enough roommates requested in MyHousing to fill the room/apartment according to the number of beds in the room/apartment during the H.O.S.T. process.
  • Residence Life offers a roommate matching service if you are looking to find a roommate with similar interests. Visit the HOST section of our web site for more information.
As stated in our housing agreement, if you anticipate taking Winter session classes, or if you need housing between breaks, you are required to live in the Montgomery Place Apartments, Mt Olympus Apartments, Jessica Kozloff Apartments or Elwell Hall (12 month housing). Apartments are not open for Summer sessions.

What is H.O.S.T.?

H.O.S.T. stands for Housing Option Selection Time and is the process during which current on-campus students will select their housing and/or dining for the next academic year.

To be eligible for housing for the next academic year as a current student, you need to complete MyHousing as detailed through the H.O.S.T. process page. Check your BU email for H.O.S.T. updates and notifications.

Spring Housing

You need to consolidate with another student who also lost their roommate for Spring or risk having a new student placed in your room. You can see your Area Coordinator after Thanksgiving break for a list of other students in your building who will also be left without a roommate for Spring.
No, we will assign you to your housing and let you know via your BU email when you can see your assignment in MyHousing.
Yes, you must complete MyHousing as a new student for Spring and again as a current/returning student for the following year during the H.O.S.T. process.