Overnight Guest Registration

A mature attitude is necessary when exercising your freedom and responsibility regarding guests in the residence halls. Visitation procedures are in place to provide a measure of safety for the residence hall community. Please understand that any system is only as safe as those whom are using it allow it to be. Safety is a shared responsibility. Your cooperation in escorting your guest and informing visitors of our visitation/escort policies when entering any on-campus residence hall is expected. Failure to comply with visitation procedures will result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

A guest is considered anyone that is not assigned to a specific room. Therefore, a guest can be a non-BU student, family member, BU student, off-campus student, a resident of another hall or a resident of the same hall.

No children under the age of 16 years old are permitted to stay overnight or for periods exceeding one hour, unless special permission is given or it is a recognized university special event, i.e. Siblings Weekend. Violations of this policy may lead to the loss of campus housing.

The information which the host student provides will be used for the purposes of:

  • Keeping a record of non-Bloomsburg University students who are occupying a particular residence hall/apartment
  • Emergency contact information for the guest during his/her stay
  • Contacting the guest/host if necessary

Part I: Visit Information

Part II: Host Information

Part III: Guest Information

Part IV: Guest Emergency Contact Information

Policy and Procedure Agreement

The host and guest must both acknowledge and/or agree to the following before registering an overnight guest:

  • Guests must be escorted by your host at all times when walking throughout the residence hall.
  • Guests must enter/exit the building through the front doors.
  • Guests must be specifically invited by a resident in order to be permitted into the residence hall.
  • Guests can visit the assigned room of the host only if there is advance consent from all of the residents living in the room. This must be done in accordance with the specific visitation policies established by the University.
  • Cohabitation in all on campus residential facilities it prohibited.
  • We reserve the right to ask guests to leave if they are causing a disturbance.
  • Over guests are limited to two per resident and only two weekends per month.
  • Over guest hosts must obtain the advance consent of all roommates in order to have overnight guests.
  • You may have guests Monday – Thursday from 10:00A – 1:00A
  • 24 hour guest visitation period begins Friday morning 10:00A and extends until Sunday night/Monday morning at 1:00A
  • Guests who are not registered will result in a loss of the visitation privilege
  • Only a maximum of six (6) guests per room/apartment is allowed at any time.
  • Each student is responsible for his/her own conduct and that of his/her guest(s) in conjunction with the social conduct policies stated in the Pilot.
  • Students are permitted to have visitors in their rooms only if there is no objection from their roommate(s). In case of a disagreement between roommates, the person without the guest will retain priority.
  • Violations of the visitation policy will be referred to the Graduate Hall Director. Persistent violation of the policy by an individual or residence hall may result in the loss of visitation privileges and/or termination of the Residence Hall Agreement.
I, the host, acknowledge and/or agree to the terms and conditions of our visitation policy and those stated above.
I, the guest, acknowledge and/or agree to the terms and conditions of our visitation policy and those stated above.