Mt. Olympus Apartments

Mt. Olympus Apartments

The Mt. Olympus Apartments (MOA), opened in Fall 2001, house 246 students in ten buildings with a total of 41 apartments. Each apartment houses six students in single bedrooms. Coed living optional within each apartment.

Access Control Card-operated building and room access
Laundry Card-operated using Husky Gold (How much does it cost?)
Internet High-speed University wireless (WiFi) network
Television One connection per bedroom and one connection in living room
Furniture Movable closets, desks and beds
Appliances Refrigerator
Room dimensions 10' 0" x 9' 0" (≅ 90 ft2)
Mattress size 80" long
Miscellaneous Laundry facilities located at the end of each block of apartments
Air conditioning
Two bathrooms per townhouse
Electric utilities*
Gas hot water heat
Furnished and carpeted
Dedicated parking

Approximate dimensions; some rooms may vary

The utility fee is a one time per semester fee that appears on your university bill

Notice: We do not normally house new freshmen in Soltz Hall or in our on-campus apartments as we believe the best environment for new freshmen, or any new students who have not yet lived on-campus, is in a traditional residence hall. Students living in traditional residence halls with shared bedrooms are more likely to develop new relationships with people of diverse backgrounds, build a stronger sense of community, appreciate and respect the rights of others, and become involved in campus activities and organizations. All of which are important in their growth and development as young adults and to enhance their college experience.