Visitation Policy

Overnight Guest Registration The Visitation Policy for students living in Bloomsburg University's residence halls has been developed in an effort to balance student privileges with academic demands and the rights of occupants not hosting a guest. It should be noted that visitation on BU's campus is a privilege, not a right. Students violating this privilege or the rights of others may be subject to the loss of some or all visitation privileges up to the loss of campus housing.

  • Visitation for non hall residents and non student guests would begin at 10:00A and continue until 1:00A Monday - Thursday.
  • A 24-hour visitation period would begin on Friday morning at 10:00A and extend until Sunday night / Monday morning at 1:00A. All non BU student guests need to be registered in advance of their arrival. Hosting students may have extended visitors on no more than 2 weekends per month and prior consent among roommates to host a visitor.
  • Residents of the hall would have a 24 hour/7 day per week visitation policy within their own hall. This policy would not extend to visiting other halls in which they do not reside.
  • All student visitors to a residence hall where they do not reside must gain access from a host of the building. All non BU students' visitors/guests must be escorted while in the hall by a BU host.
  • All weekend visitation guests must be signed in/recorded 24 hours in advance of their arrival through the guest registration sign-up form available online. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, the outcome of which can include loss of visitation privileges for a designated period of time.
  • It is expected that residents will follow all visitation policies. Failure to comply with any part of the visitation policy by the host/violator will result in sanctioning through the university judicial system and may be subject to the loss of visitation privileges. Hosts are always responsible for the actions of his/her guest(s).
  • All visitation within a student's room must have prior knowledge and consent by all occupants of the room. Occupant(s) of the room not hosting the guest will in all cases have the right to refuse any guest to the room. It is highly recommended that roommates discuss in advance what their visitation agreement for the room will be. Staff will assist roommates during the first week of school on the rights/privileges and limitations related to campus visitation and appropriate behavior when hosting guests. These guidelines will be used when completing a Roommate Agreement.

Please be aware that the 24/7 visitation privilege will remain in place at Montgomery Place, Mount Olympus, Kile and the Jessica Kozloff Apartments.