Who Are We?

Dale BehrentSupervisor, Custodial Services for Residence Life(570) 389-5156 dbehrent@bloomu.edu
Amy CunninghamAssoc Dir of Residence Life for Residential Living(570) 389-4966 acunning@bloomu.edu
Ray HoffmanSupervisor, Custodial Services for Residence Life(570) 389-5160 rhoffman@bloomu.edu
Jason JeremiahInfo Tech Gen / Webmaster for Residence Life & Card Services(570) 389-5396 jjeremia@bloomu.edu
Jim McCormackAssoc Dir of Residence Life for Administration & Technology(570) 389-4166 jmccorma@bloomu.edu
Mike McGurlArea Coordinator for Montour & Schuylkill Halls(570) 389-4989 mmcgurl@bloomu.edu
Mary ProutManagement Technician for Residence Life(570) 389-4087 mprou3@bloomu.edu
Lori SchmidtAsst Dir of Residence Life for Business & Conference Services(570) 389-4744 lschmidt@bloomu.edu
Brian SchraederCoordinator of BU Card Center(570) 389-5352 bschraed@bloomu.edu
Ben StaubArea Coordinator for Columbia & Northumberland Halls(570) 389-4845 bstaub2@bloomu.edu
Michele StoutAsst Dir of Residence Life for Housing Operations(570) 389-3847 mstout@bloomu.edu
Lenny TomashefskiManagement Technician for Residence Life(570) 389-5365 ltomashe@bloomu.edu
Jen TurnboughArea Coordinator for Apartment Complexes(570) 389-4820 jturnbou@bloomu.edu
Mark TurnboughAsst Dir of Residence Life for Residential Education(570) 389-4852 mturnbou@bloomu.edu
Jeff WardArea Coordinator for Luzerne & Soltz Halls(570) 389-4390 jward@bloomu.edu
Kayleigh WargArea Coordinator for Elwell & Lycoming Halls(570) 389-4846 kwarg@bloomu.edu