Mission Statement

To establish a learning based residential community which seeks to enrich human integration based on common, personal, and academic experiences; unified by purpose, and founded upon mutual respect. This experience is defined by an environment that encourages involvement, enhances decision making and conflict resolution abilities, promotes understanding and appreciates human differences, and fosters a sense of identity, self esteem, confidence and personal and civic responsibility. It is also a place where individual perspectives and opinions are valued, and students exert a high degree of influence over their environment.

Our Goals

  1. To Encourage Hall Students to Feel a Greater Ownership in Their Living Areas
  2. To Increase a Sense of Altruism While Encouraging Individual Expression
  3. To Promote and Enhance the Idea that as Staff We are Here to Serve Students
  4. To Encourage More Student Involvement
  5. To Further Focus Our Operations and Activities Around the Learning Mission
  6. To Renew our Commitment to Rewards and Recognition for Participation & Support of Programs
  7. To Understand and Appreciate the Dynamic Nature of Student Groups and Organizations
  8. To Recognize That Our Success is Contingent Upon Working as a Team