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Center for Visual and Performing Arts

Liz Nugent

The Center for Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) LLC strives to create a as well as community of students who share a common passion for the arts and an atmosphere where you can gain the opportunity, support, and experience you’ll need to flourish at Bloomsburg. CVPA LLC students often quickly develop into leaders of the BU arts community, taking on major roles in theatre, music, and dance performances, and creating significant works in the literary and visual arts. The LLC hosts a variety of events such as off-campus trips to museums and performances, as well as many on-campus events.

The Center for the Visual and Performing Arts was formed to provide a vital link between Bloomsburg University and the Bloomsburg community by showcasing students’ artistic endeavors. The Center offers programs from the Departments of Art and Art History, English, and Music, Theater, and Dance to celebrate the arts and support the connection between the university and our broader community. The LLC is a vital part of the overall CVPA mission. In fact, the CVPA recently developed a separate LLC program for sophomores.

Here are some of the planned activities for the upcoming year:

This program is free to first year students living on campus, and all courses taken with the learning community count toward your degree program.