On-Campus Housing Agreement Release

Part I: General Information

Part II: Housing Agreement

Important: Housing assignments are for the full academic year, starting in the Fall semester and ending at the conclusion of the Spring semester, or remaining portion thereof. This includes all apartments and residence halls.

Do not submit a housing release request form until you are certain that you will not need on-campus housing. Once you submit a housing release form and receive approval, we will cancel your housing and you will not be eligible to live on-campus.

Review the Housing Agreement Release Grid to determine whether or not your release will, most likely, be approved or denied and at what cost.

I acknowledge and understand that I am requesting to break my above selected on-campus housing agreement to become effective on the above selected date for the above selected reason. I understand that I will receive notification whether my request was approved or denied and if approved when I will be expected to vacate my residence hall / apartment. If approved, I also agree to any associated cost for breaking my agreement.

Part III: Food Service Agreement

Prior to start of semester: I understand that my dining plan, if I selected one, will also be canceled. If I wish to re-sign up for a dining plan, I can do so in MyHousing until the start of the semester.

After start of semester: I understand that my dining plan will ONLY be canceled if I am officially leaving Bloomsburg University.

I acknowledge and understand the information stated above in relation to my Food Service Agreement.