Winter Session Interim Housing Agreement supplemental behavioral contract

Interim housing is extended by the Office of Residence Life as a privilege. It is imperative that you understand that strict behavioral standards are expected. All standards of conduct outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, the Guide to Campus Living and the housing contract you signed prior to occupying your residence will apply during this interim period. Additionally, please be aware of the following:

  • You may not host another student or guest in your room without the express consent of a Residence Life staff member.
  • You may not give your room key and/or Bloomsburg University ID to any other student or guest with the intent to access the residence hall and/or your room.
  • If you are an athlete, or residing here as part of your involvement with a campus organization, your coach/advisor will be notified immediately should a behavioral standard be breached.
  • University services are limited during this interim period. There is no mail service during this time period. There will be no services (snow removal, general maintenance) from December 22, 2018 - January 2, 2019.
  • Residence Life, Custodial, Maintenance, and Safety Office staff will be entering all residence hall rooms and apartments during winter break to complete routine repairs or safety checks. There may also be periods when water and electrical service is disrupted for repair or safety review.
  • Staffing is very limited during this interim period. You are to contact a Residence Life staff member at (570) 336-8551 or the University police (570) 389-4168 with any issues or emergencies.

Any violations of these standards may result in your immediate removal from interim housing and could impact your regular semester housing; you may also be subjected to the disciplinary process.

Additional Information


  • Only students currently living in Elwell Hall, MPA, MOA or JKA apartments who are taking an on-campus winter session class, participating in winter sports, have a documented need for 12-month housing or working on or off-campus with proof of employment are eligible to stay over winter break.
  • Students currently living in Elwell Hall will stay in their current assignment. Elwell residents are required to have the winter dining plan, 14 meals/week (lunch & dinner 7 days a week). There is no flex during winter session.
  • Students currently living in MPA, MOA, or JKA will stay in their current assignment.
  • Students currently living elsewhere are not eligible to live on-campus for winter session.


You will be charged the full Winter session rate regardless of the length of your stay. There is not a daily or weekly rate for Winter session.

  • Residents of Elwell Hall will be billed $1,214.00. This includes the cost of housing and required 14 meals/week (lunch & dinner 7 days a week). There is no flex during winter session. Meals will be served in the Scranton Commons. There are no meals from 12/22/18 - 01/01/19.
  • Apartment residents will be billed as follows for housing. Dining plan is optional and additional charge.
    • MPA: $1,295
    • MOA: $1,200
    • JKA: $1,235
  • Dining plan cost will be $239. The only option is 14 meals/week. There is no flex during winter session. Meals will be served in the Scranton Commons. There are no meals from 12/22/18 - 01/01/19.

Part I: Interim Contract Information

Part II: Student Information

Part III: Emergency Contact Information

Part IV: Roommates

Please provide your current roommate's email addresses. An email will be sent notifying them you will be staying.

Part V: Guests

If you will be having guest(s) stay with you during this time please check the box below.

I will be having guest(s) stay in my room/apartment during this time.

If yes, please enter their full names below.

Meal Plan Option

Residents of Elwell Hall will automatically be assigned the 14 meals/week dining plan. This dining plan is optional for apartment residents. Apartment Residents, do you want the 14 meals/week dining plan?

Contract Agreement

By completing this form you indicate your understanding of this contract and agree to adhere to all behavioral standards established by the University or Office of Residence Life. You further understand that a copy of this agreement may be provided to your coach (if applicable) and mailed to a parent/guardian.

I have read and accept the above terms of the Interim Housing Agreement (Supplemental Behavioral Contract).