Air Conditioning Requests

Deadlines for air conditioning requests:

  • Fall 2017/Spring 2018
    • Request due by July 1, 2017
  • Spring 2018
    • Request due by January 1, 2018

All campus apartments, the new residential suites, Columbia and Elwell Halls are air conditioned. A limited number of rooms in our other residence halls have been designated as air conditioned rooms; either with a wall-mounted or window air conditioner. The wall-mounted units will be turned on at the beginning of each semester and will remain on throughout the semester. The window units have been permanently installed to reasonably withstand winter temperatures and will NOT be removed at any time.

All rooms equipped with air conditioning are billed at a higher rate than regular non air conditioned rooms.

Floor model air conditioner

  • For reasons of need or convenience, you may provide your own floor model air-conditioning unit not to exceed 10,000 BTU's with no fee charged by the university. You do not need to submit an AC request form or doctor's note to bring your own floor model unit. Here is an example of a permitted floor model unit. Students may not provide or install their own window air conditioner.

Medical requests

Students who have a medical need for air conditioning: review and complete this air conditioner request form. Requests for medical need must be accompanied by a doctor's note and received by the deadline to be assured placement in an air conditioned room.

  • Fall/Spring Requests:
    • New students - complete Steps 1 & 2
    • Current students - select air conditioned room or apartment during the H.O.S.T. process

Follow these Steps

  1. Complete this air conditioner request form by the dates indicated above. Air conditioning requests received after the deadline will be accommodated only if there are air conditioned rooms or spaces available. This means roommate requests, living learning community participation or other housing accommodations may be disrupted to fulfill an air conditioning request. Once our air conditioned rooms are filled, we will not be able to accommodate your request.
  2. Your physician must fax a note confirming your medical need for air conditioning to the Residence Life Office at 570-389-5070 by the dates specified below.

Air Conditioning Requests are currently closed.