Frequently Asked Questions

All of the questions listed below are frequently asked during move in. If you have a specific question you'd like to see answered, send us an email. Remember, it's likely other people have the same question. We'll answer it for you and post it here.

The only pets allowed are fish. Tank capacity shall be no more than 20 gallons.

MicroFridge Announcement
Beginning in Fall 2015, all residence hall rooms on lower campus will have a University provided MicroFridge® installed. As a result, students will no longer be allowed to bring their own personal refrigerator / MicroFridge® when living in campus residence halls. Students living in on-campus apartments may still have a personal refrigerator / MicroFridge® in their room if they so choose.

Apartment Residents: You may bring your own refrigerator provided it is no larger than 3.0 cubic feet and uses no more than 120 volts of electricity when running.
No. Any furniture that is in your room must stay in your room throughout the academic year. You may bring other furniture in (i.e. couch, table, etc) provided your are in compliance with Residence Hall Handbook. When in doubt, ask.

A regular twin sheet set will fit over all of the mattresses on campus. Some halls do have "long" mattresses, but due to the fact that the campus mattresses are thinner, normal twin sheets will work. If you would like to add a thicker mattress pad or egg crate pad you might want to consider purchasing a "long" sheet set.

Effective Fall 2018:

Columbia, Elwell, Montour and Schuylkill residence halls are furnished with a 75 inch mattress (standard twin). Luzerne, Lycoming, Northumberland and Soltz residence halls along with Montgomery Place, Mt Olympus and Kozloff apartments are furnished with an 80 inch mattress (long twin).

New students: If you are 5’11” or taller and would like to request a long bed, please email before June 1st.

Returning students: If you are 5’11” or taller and need a long bed, be sure to complete the HOST process and select one of the long bed locations when choosing your housing assignment for next year.

If you are interested in gender inclusive housing please complete personal information questions in MyHousing and contact a Residence Life staff member at for assistance.
To find out more about the electronic door locks check out the electronic lock section of our website.

It cost $1.50 per wash and $1.50 per dry. Therefore to wash and dry one (1) load of laundry it will cost $3.00.

Notice: The washers in the residence halls and apartments are not HE (High Efficiency) washers. Please refrain from using HE labeled detergents.

Husky Gold Only: Cash is not used for on-campus laundry. Husky Gold accounts will be debited when a University ID card is swiped to start a machine.

There are only enough lofts for those students in tripled rooms. Also, lofts from external vendors are not allowed in the residence halls.
Don't laugh - this question is asked frequently! There is no curfew. Students are expected to use good judgment and manage their time wisely. Going to Denny's at 3:00A when you have an 8:00A class is probably not the best idea. But the responsibility is left up to the student. As with all other challenges, staff are available for assistance.
The BU Health Center is a full service clinic staffed with nurses and nurse practitioners. Doctors appointments are also available. In the event of an emergency the Bloomsburg Hospital is across the street and can be used if the BU Health Center is closed. University Police will transport students to the emergency room.
Inform one of your staff members or use the Got Repairs? form.
The primary role of a CA (Community Assistant) is a 'helper'. Essentially, their duties are to assist you with questions, concerns or problems. They also plan programs and activities for residents, enforce University policy and work the desk. They are your first line in seeking resolution to a problem or any other assistance.
Each residence hall room is equipped with a desk and chair, wardrobe/closet and a bed; some rooms do have dressers or combination closet/dressers (each building varies a bit). The beds may be bunked for more space. Often the bunking pins are in the room; if they are not, a staff member can get them for you. Students often bring their own carpeting. You will be responsible for the condition of this furniture upon your move out so please treat it well.

AC stands for Area Coordinator. There are four area coordinators at BU. These individuals are the professional staff members responsible for a particular residential area. They are one of the people to contact for a concern or issue.

In addition to supervising the Community Assistants and Graduate Assistants, the AC is responsible for the overall well being of the students living in the area. All Area Coordinators live on campus, enabling them to be involved and address emergency situations when they arise.

Your BU ID is your passport to services and rights of access throughout the campus. Meal plan, residence hall access, rec center access, laundry funds and access to student activities are a few examples. It is a good idea to carry your BU ID at all times. Many students purchase an ID holder/key chain at the BU Bookstore upon arrival.

Please see the Mail Services section of the University website.

You can view the hours of operation for campus dining facilities here.