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Former GHD Testimonials

University of Oregon Shelby Wieners

Assistant Director of Residence Life – University of Oregon

Being a GHD helped prepare me for my current position by allowing me to see different ways of approaching concerns. Every institution is different and that’s okay; it’s about what is best for your student population, while grounding your processes in best practices and research.

It also allowed me to lay the foundation of having direct supervisory experience, which carried through my former position and into my current one.

Additionally, I think it’s important to get a variety of on-call experiences, no matter which part of higher education you are interested in, and I was able to accomplish that while a GHD. Those experiences prepared me to be a hall director and I carry those experiences with me while working with and training graduate students and full-time professional staff who are on call.

Stockton University Jestina Drysdale

Complex Director – Stockton University

The Graduate Hall Director position has helped me tremendously in my current position as a Residence Hall Director at the State university of New York at Oneonta. When I was a Graduate Hall Director, at Bloomsburg, I have developed areas in leadership, programming, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills. I truly enjoyed building an effective rapport with students and staff to help create a strong cohesive unit. I managed three diverse residence halls, two of which were the largest residence halls on the Bloomsburg University campus. Through that experience, I have advanced my skills of motivation, instilling confidence, and critical thinking skills in my supervision style. I was very prepared for my current position and utilize my experiences to strengthen the programming at SUNY Oneonta. I also was prepared with crisis situation dues to the strong on call system and experiences I gained at Bloomsburg. Overall, I am so proud to be an Alumni and lucky to gain the awesome experience through the Residence Life program.

Villanova University Ellen Socket

VSB Advisor – Villanova University

In the GHD role, I gained the ability to help students in crisis, manage a student staff and complete administrative tasks efficiently. The student interactions and administrative work are both critical elements to the GHD role. This experience has also proven true in the positions I’ve held after the GHD role. Currently, I am an Academic Advisor which is a different pace from Residence Life, but I still meet with students frequently and have administrative work to complete. Balancing the student-focused side and the administrative side of the GHD position and I have realized how much this is a part of many positions within higher education. I am grateful for the support and encouragement I received from the Area Coordinators who supervised me during my time at Bloomsburg; they were always very invested in my success as a GHD and as a student and helped me develop critical skills to be a successful professional.

SUNY Delhi Andrew Bradfield

Assistant Director of Residence Life – SUNY Delhi

The GHD program is tough but it’s incredibly rewarding. You do so much during those two years between balancing your grad work, managing your residence hall, and supervising your CA staff. The position really helps you learn how to prioritize your time. I found that I was prepared and confident transitioning into a professional role due to the skills I learned as a GHD.


West Chester University of Pennsylvania Emily Bolick

Resident Director – West Chester University of Pennsylvania

The GHD position was a wonderful experience that prepared me for my current role at another institution. As a GHD, we had responsibilities in all areas of managing the community and assisting residents from programming, budgets, undergraduate staff selection and training, facilities, emergency on call rotation, and other administrative roles. This is a very different experience than other residence life graduate assistant positions where the individual has limited hands-on experience. Under the guidance of the Area Coordinators and the assistance from the department, I had the experiences and knowledge to manage a residential community leading to a smooth transition into my current full-time position.

Resurrection Movement Studio Inc. Hidi Horikoshi

Owner and Founder of Resurrection Movement Studio Inc. and Komotion Dance Program

BU GHD position has helped me to develop leadership and management skills. As well as importance of transparency and what a true team work means when working in a group setting. All the interpersonal skills I was able to develop through the position has helped me tremendously in being a successful entrepreneur.