Housing Assignment Letter

Dear On-Campus Resident:

Your Fall 2020 / Spring 2021 housing and roommate assignment is available now on MyHousing. Please check your assignment and if you are assigned a roommate(s), contact them to discuss living arrangements and any items you may want to share while living together.

Notice: While we anticipate being able to open as planned for Fall 2020, keep an eye on your BU email account for potential updates regarding housing assignments, move-in, and the fall semester as we continue to develop plans in response to COVID-19.

Check the Online Assignment Packet on the Residence Life website and review the Move-In Newsletter, Move-In Schedule, and other posted important information.

If you received your assignment back in March and you now see a different room or roommate, it could be due to, for example, housing changes necessitated by COVID-19, you (or your roommate) declaring a different major, acceptance into a learning community, joining an athletic organization, or requesting special housing accommodations which resulted in a move to a different residence hall or room, possibly with a different roommate. Continue to check MyHousing between now and the start of the fall semester as we sometimes find out, after assignments are posted, that your assigned roommate will not be attending Bloomsburg University. Be sure to check frequently for any updates; as you will not receive notifications of any change via email or phone. Please be advised, we will not make roommate changes based on information or pictures found on social networking sites.

Apartment and Soltz Hall residents, when checking your assignment on MyHousing, the bed number shown is the bedroom to which you will be given ID access.

If you no longer wish to live on-campus, it is important to submit an online housing release form so that we can release you. Please remember that if you are not attending Bloomsburg University or have decided to make other living arrangements you still must be released by this office or you will be held responsible for the cost of your on-campus housing. After the start of the academic year (first day of the fall semester), we will not release students to live off-campus at any time during the academic year. If you choose to live off-campus anyway, you will be responsible for the full cost of your on-campus housing assignment. Please note, students who wish to live at their permanent home address to commute or take all virtual classes, will be released from their housing contact. Please submit the online housing release form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at buhouse@bloomu.edu.


Amy Cunningham
Director of Residence Life
Office of Residence Life
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania